Building a New Home

Building a New Home is a great way to get a home that truly reflects the customers personalities, wishes, and dreams. It is a way to start out with the greenest of building components such as the best insulation, the most durable surfaces, the more healthy floorings or the most efficient mechanical systems.

Heritage Builders is a licensed company of experienced and trained master carpenters, knowledgeable in the Building Code and Energy Efficient Construction with over 20 years of experience.

Heritage Builders has been building new homes since 1986. Each home has been uniquely designed and built for specific customers.  That is why no two in our gallery look exactly alike.

While Green is trendy now, Green Building techniques have been employed in our homes since the beginning.  Here are some of the features of homes we have built.
  • Custom designed for and with the homeowner.
  • Site considerations for heating, cooling, and views.
  • Insulated walls with tightly sealed air barriers
  • Tightly sealed vapor diffusion retarders
  • Heat recovery ventilators
  • Energy efficient windows.
  • Insulated Basement Walls
  • Sealed band joists
  • Durable trim, often from local sources.
  • Well Ventilated Attics
  • And, they all came with our exclusive, Real Workmanship Warranty
Heritage Builders is a Full Service Home Builder.

On your behalf, we are the General Contractor, whose job it is to manage all the work of all the subs trades, the materials suppliers, and our own carpenters.

We coordinate all of the thousands of complex details that come together in the project you will call home.

We work hard to ensure that your new home is exactly what you expect.

Today, there are more and better ways to Build Green:

  • Ground Water Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling
  • Passive Solar Applications
  • In Floor Radiant Heat
  • Perfect air and vapor barriers
  • Uniform insulation in walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Durable building products that need little maintenance
  • Prewire for data throughout the house
  • Exterior Water control
  • Secondary Gray Water Systems
  • Locally supplied woods and rock
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Planted solar Shading
  • Ventilated attic Spaces
  • Rain Screens
  • Strap Wall Construction
  • Low-E Windows with storms
  • Green Flooring
  • 50 year and longer roofing
  • And on and on and on...

These days, there are always newer and better ways to build green. By incorporating your own particular wishes and needs into the building design, and specifications, we can provide for you the home that you truly want.

New Home Construction Custom Built in 1991 on Lake Tainter.

Designed by Architectural Design Group.

Deep overhangs move out the drip line.

Rigid foam insulation on walls plus batts.

Sealed box sills.
New Home Construction Custom designed by owner in the hills west of Colfax.

Tightly sealed home.

Infloor radiant heat.

Locally supplied poplar ceiling panels.

Energy efficient windows.

Finished off Basement.
New Home Construction Restoration after a fire, this home was totally rebuilt in Menomonie in 2001.

New Windows.

Sealed box joists and air chutes.

Taped house wrap on all exterior surfaces for effective drainage plane.

Cleaned and reused entire foundation.
New Home Construction Custom designed garage and storage by Courtney Nystuen of Menomonie.

Building has EIFS stucco system to compliment appearance of existing home.

Project included expanding piano room into existing garage.
New Home Construction In 2000, we built a model modular home north of Menomonie.

Insulated crawlspace houses all mechanicals.

2x4 wall with foam sheathing is very energy efficient.

New storm windows and patio door.
New Home Construction Custom designed modular home built in 1994.

Super efficient and durable windows.

Parade Home.

Insulated foundation.

Flash Filter vent at dormer.
New Home Construction A custom built home custom designed by the owner in 1989.

Insulated poured foundation.

Southern views take in light and heat when needed.

Positive drainage around to divert rain water into rain garden.
New Home Construction Custom designed by Courtney Nystuen.

To blend perfectly with existing home in Woodland Terrace.

Economy is achieved with Room In Attic trusses- creating more 'free' storage space above without adding to earth imprint.

Good design that blends with it's environment is one example of Green Design.
New Home Construction