As a young carpenter, when I started the company in the early 1980s, a book called 'The Search for Excellence' influenced me greatly. I wanted to capture the spirit of the book in my own new business. So I built our company on a foundation of three core values: Excellence in Workmanship, Excellence in Service, and Excellence in Being Green. While each overlaps the others a little, they are separate enough to focus on.

Mentors in my earlier years instilled in me the ethic of doing things right the first time, or doing them over. I was taught to stand back, look at what I had done, and make sure it was work ‘to write home about'. I developed a sense of what Excellent Workmanship looked like and a commitment to provide it at all times. So, we would never do things poorly or just good enough, or hope the roof didn't leak until we were out of the driveway. Instead, we would always:

  • Build to the higher value.
  • Frame it plumb, level and square.
  • Make the roof shed water.
  • Keep the insulation dry.
  • Cut the trim joints tightly.
  • Use material efficiently.
Excellence in Service addresses the People aspect of our business.   It is easy when it is taken at its most basic.
  • Always be on time.
  • Always tell the truth.
  • Always do what you say you will.
  • Listen twice as much as you talk.
These simple rules seem to flow out of a basic respect we have for all people.

More specifically to your remodeling project, our effective Project Manager, a licensed building inspector, who works ‘behind the scenes' schedules all the work on your project. He is in daily contact with the sub trades and material suppliers. In addition to morning meetings with the crew, he visits the job site often to monitor progress and find solutions. The Project Lead Carpenter keeps the project moving forward on site and talks regularly with the customer about the project.

The carpenters, the sub- trades, and the materials suppliers are all working toward the goal of a satisfied customer who will happily and readily refer us to their friends in the future.

Right now, Excellence in Being Green is very Cool, and very Hot. Though being Green is the fastest growing trend in all industries and lifestyle, it is one way we have been a part of from our beginning. Besides the basics of common recycling and wise use, as builders, we have a special role to play in the Green Movement. Our specialized knowledge about building and remodeling assure the customer that their project will be a Green Project as well as we:
  • Take advantage of a building site for solar gain, natural shading and air flow
  • Design for effective water drainage and retention.
  • Use materials efficiently
  • Reuse materials where possible.
  • Use non-polluting finishes and cleaners
  • Use energy efficient fixtures
  • Be meticulous with the thermal envelope
Recognizing that we all live and work in a shrinking world of shrinking resources and increasing demand, Heritage Builders and Professional Handyman Service will tread lightly on the earth, will complete your project with a deliberate use of those resources, and exhibit care for you, your home, and your environment.
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