Being Green

It seems that being Green, has become cool and necessary at the same time.
Heritage Builders, Inc. has been green from the beginning and will only get more so in the future.
We have ALWAYS :
  • Separated and recycled all scrap metals
  • Recycled all of our cardboard
  • Recycled all drink bottles and cans
  • Recycled office papers of all kinds
  • Used state of the art fluorescent bulb where possible
  • Properly disposed of all paint and finishes
  • Recycled all vehicle drain oil
  • Performed our work with techniques that are more durable
  • Used products that require less maintenance
  • Improved energy efficiency in all remodeling, repairs, and additions
As it becomes more and more important to work responsibly toward the customer, the community and the Earth entirely, Heritage Builders will keep up with the newest and best ideas and solutions, on all of your projects. To learn more about being Green in Dunn County, check out these sites:
Green materials garage Energy window Green building home