Excellence in Workmanship

We promise to each of our customers that our workmanship will be completed in a professional manner The work will be up to code and appropriate for the project defined. While we are NOT offering PERFECTION, we are promising excellent workmanship and a project professionally completed.

We can make this promise and keep it for several reasons:

  1. We keep well informed of best practices through
    • Regular code update training (Wisconsin Builders Association)
    • Trade journals ( Remodeling, Journal of Light Construction)
    • Industry training events ( JLC Live, Focus On Energy, Energy Center of Wisconsin)
  2. Our (Your) project manager holds five separate State of Wisconsin UDC Building Inspectors licenses.
  3. The President, Ron, holds a valid State Contractors license and State Qualifier License.
  4. Excellence in Workmanship is instilled in our staff at all times.
  5. Doing something right and best is all we accept from ourselves and our subtrades.

If I accept nothing but the best, so can our customers.
We achieve such success because of character and integrity of the people who comprise our entire production staff