Professional Handyman Service

The list of small repairs we have done before is over one thousand and two.
Below are listed many of them. Perhaps we can meet your needs too.

Repairs Big
Repairs Small
Fences Short
Fences Tall
Stair Well Railing
Deck Guard Rail
Installed real strong They just won't fail
With heating costs rising And gas prices going up We have to live more like There just isn't enough.
Outdoor Decks
Patios Too
Wooden Walks
Level and True
Broken Trim and Stubborn Drawers Missing parts And damaged floors
We have to do things That just don't pollute Do things much greener And live resolute.
Roofing Leaks
Increase Attic
Replacement Windows
Save you money
Cold Drafty Windows
Are not funny
Like repair your home once Make it last that much longer Keeping good things repaired Makes your balance sheet stronger
Reflash the wall
That meets the roof
No more leaks
Is the Proof
New Windows
And Lindsay ones too
Increase your comfort and
save your heat too
If you now believe Like so many more do Just pick up the phone We'll make time for you.
Wind Storm Damage
Tree Hits House
Seal your Home to
Keep out Mouse
Taylor Doors
Your Entry Way
Seal real tight
And look just Great
There's no obligation We don't charge to find out Just what you need or How much the amount.
Finish your Basement
Install a Ceiling
Relief and Joy
Is what your feeling
Green Improvements To your home Insulation And Spray Foam.
With nothing to fear And no cost to begin Won't you Oh won't you Please let us in
A Brand new Kitchen
Or reuse the old
Green Techniques
A healthy fold
Skylight Repair
Skylight Replacement
A new Solar Tube
Lightens a basement
To repair your home Fix it up nice and neat It can feel so much better And look great from the street.
If your doors don't close And let in air We rehang them Plumb and Square
We hang your shelves And your pictures Reflective mirrors And lighting fixtures
If we smile as we meet When we pass in the street And we don't turn our heads away, I'll know we've succeeded We have done a Great Job: All of us have well earned our pay.
Honey-Do lists
Honey Don'ts
Honey Can'ts
And Honey Won'ts
Weatherstrips shrink And shorten and leak If we replace them Your futures less bleak
Holes in walls And ceilings too We fix them both Look good as new
Windows covered with Condensation Don't just add more insulation You may need more ventilation