Drywall Art

Drywall art is a special interest of mine. It allows my builders-creativity to come out. - Ron.
Trim-Tex Drywall Art

Bicycle art 1

Bicycle Art

In the long winter months, this cyclist has biycles on his mind.

Bicycle art 2

So he creates biycle art on the ceiling. The shadows from the light fixtures create and highlight the spokes of the bicycle art wheels.

Dry wall art 2

Tree Drywall Art

An organic way to dress up a curved wall. Tree blends with wall texture. Walking by, one might not notice it at all. And then, later, in their mind, they think they saw something there, but are not sure.

Dry wall art 4

Angel Drywall Art

These borrowed lights bring lightness from the sun into a dark hallway. The shapes cast ever changing light shadows on the wall beyond. The Guardian Angel protects the sleeping souls beyond.

Dry wall art 3

Curving Drywall Art

A peaceful soothing radiates from curved lines and surfaces. The sea, the rolling hills, the gracefulness of animal forms. All are softening respites from the rigid angularity of the built environment.

Dry wall art 5

Shape Drywall Art

Bringing lightness from the sun into a dark staircase.

Dry wall art 6

Heart Drywall Art

A message to guests at the entry to our home: joined hearts live here.