Remodeling & Additions

All projects larger than repair, but smaller than new homes.
Includes: Siding, Roofing, Fences, Decks, Kitchens, Baths, Insulation, Fire Restoration, Doors and Windows

In new construction you, the homeowner might visit the new home maybe once during the day, and again at night or on weekends. The craftsmen are free to work unencumbered and they get a lot done in a short time. The daily changes are huge. Building is from scratch so everything is plumb, square and level to start.

Remodeling is very, very different from new construction:
  • Nothing is plumb, square, and level.
  • We work among your family and your possessions.
  • We work in your home.
  • Since you are there all the time, progress seems slower.
  • Progress IS slower.
  • This intimacy requires thoughtful care and consideration throughout the project.

Here a just a few of the remodeling projects we've done.
Brostrum big

New construction as part of overall remodeling. Owner wants four season outdoor room overlooking Red Cedar River. Tight fitting new windows plus windows salvaged from preexisting sun room. Finely crafted wood panel ceiling. Insulated Ceramic Floor.

Carlson big

A bump out addition to Craftsman style home. New windows with internal grilles to match lines of house. Done in conjunction with water damage repair project.

Derrico big

In this Eau Claire home, we added on a bedroom addition and remodeled two bathrooms and hallway. All new exterior finishes to match existing.

Haase big

A Storm damage restoration on Hay River. Second floor was rebuilt and improved. Tree debris was shredded for landscaping. New work drastically improved energy efficiency of home.

Kowski big

Prominent corner home in Menomonie. Extensively remodeled bedroom and built in new laundry room. Replaced old porch ceiling with new beaded panel.

Kragness big

Substantial 6x6 support posts on full size concrete post pads. ACQ treated framing and decking. Treated wood resists rotting than untreated wood.

Lang big

Privacy Fence of treated framing and fencing. Intermediate supports keep boards straight. Deep post sets resist wind loads.

Reckin big

A Vinyl Fence system that needs no to little maintenance. Stays attractive year after year. Posts are embedded in concrete or packed stones.

Riordan big

A two story entry addition custom designed by Courtney Nystuen. Energy Efficient windows to compliment existing windows. Roof shingled to match existing saves need to re-roof the rest. Windows provide heat and light to adjoining kitchen.

Someplace else big

Fire treated wood and stucco board with new windows created expanded DJ booth in downtown bar. New walls fully insulated and sealed from inside. Minimal disturbance to environment as project stayed within existing building lines.

Ward big

A standard re-roofing in south Menomonie after a section of the shingles fell off in a storm. Included damage repair, complete tear off, rot repair and new 30-year shingles, nailed.
In all of our roofs, we install up to 6' of Winter Guard underlayment along the eaves. Then, we apply 15 lb felt over the entire roof area. This makes it easier to reroof 15-20 years later.

Wurtz big

Numerous remodeling projects included a second floor bath, replacement windows and re-roofing. During re-roofing, our tarp blew open in a storm and wetted a ceiling. Three years later, the ceiling does not hold paint. We are back there replacing the ceiling, at no cost to the homeowner. Our warranty at work.

Gibbons big

Four season family room/ den addition. Tight fitting new windows and patio door. 'Super' floor insulation protected by metal soffit system. Attic insulation dams to keep air from blowing over the ceiling. Exterior finished blends with existing. Wood stove heat, radiates heat into the adjacent kitchen.