Who We Are at Heritage Builders

Primarily background duties, but on any day, they can be found working side by side with the carpenters.

Ron Welsch: President. License No. 1985.
Ron formed Heritage Builders in 1985. He has filled every role necessary in the company including footing digger and gofer, framer, roofer, designer, thermal envelope technician, estimator, specification writer, job cost analyst, project manager and business developer / manager. Today, he is President, and his primary responsibilities include sales, estimating, and business planning. When is not engaged in any of the above, Ron can be seen whizzing by on the Red Cedar Trail, hauling recyclables with his bicycle trailer, summer gardening and winter shoveling.
Bill Hady: Vice President, License No. 70400
Bill too has worn every hat possible. Bill joined the company in 1986. A former architectural design student at UW-Stout, Bills talents include project design, estimating, solving spatial, mechanical problems and Project Management.. Bill holds four Wisconsin Building Inspector Licenses. Today, as Vice President and Project Manager, he is the person who works behind the scenes to make your project run efficiently. He sets up and manages the project schedule. He speaks daily with all crew, project sub-trades and material suppliers. His vast wealth of knowledge in building science and building law assures your project will be completed professionally, safely, and efficiently. Bill is an avid hunter, fisher, machinist, and bicycle rider.
Sheila Lacoier: Financial Officer
Sheila joined the company in 1993. Sheila is responsible for all of the financial details needed to run a construction company, including job cost accounting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable. On your project, Sheila tracks all expenses for carpentry, sub-trades, and materials. She processes invoices and statements to you and she pays all bills pertaining to your project. In the background, she ensures all taxes and insurances are up to date. Sheila creates various financial reports needed to manage the company. When she is not at her desk, she operates U-C-Me Tax Service, a seasonal tax preparation service. Sheila is very active in her church and enjoys traveling.
In an efficient remodeling company, it is essential that each of us be able to perform the wide range of tasks encountered in remodeling and home repair projects. Remodeling is considered by many to be more difficult than new construction: No two starting conditions are ever the same. It is a rare carpenter who does well in both new construction and remodeling. The following people are not only gifted in their ability to build, but in the personal satisfaction gained from making what is, better. We are very fortunate that these craftsmen also excel in certain specific aspects of remodeling and repair.
Jeff Schutt: Lead Carpenter
Jeff joined our company in 1988. He is a master carpenter, skilled and experienced in all aspects of residential construction. Jeff is meticulous in his detail in framing, and trimming. He is a professional roofer and knows that water sometimes runs uphill and often sideways. Jeff is a factory trained window installer since 1994. When he is not on the job, he raises a large garden, hunts and fishes, and builds things around his home. Note: Jeff requested his real picture not be posted on the internet, so we found one of someone more handy but less handsome.
Daniel Berger: Finish Detailer and Carpenter Assistant
Before joining Heritage Builders in 1995, Dan attended Art courses at UW Stout. Dan is first and foremost an Artist. Whether he is improving a landscape around a house, or repairing a gouge in an oak door or prefinishing new windows to match old, his artist's eye allows the surfaces to reflect the integrity and craftsmanship the rest of the crew has built into your project. Dan is particularly talented with a wide variety of finishes, from shellac to polyurethane - making him well suited to work on the new and the old. Dan is a lifelong resident of Menomonie and many of our customers appreciate his knowledge of local history. When Dan is not 'on the clock' he is usually at home applying his art to the cooking and serving of his excellent dinners, the slow deliberate enhancement of his home environment, and investing time with his family.
Ron Young: Lead Carpenter
Ron joined our crew in 2007. Ron has 10 years of carpentry experience building and remodeling homes in the Greater Menomonie area. He too is a master carpenter. Prior to becoming a carpenter he served in the US Air Force as a personnel superintendent. Ron's roots in carpentry were nourished on his family farm near Colfax, a farm on which, like most, 'you just did everything.' Ron is very knowledgeable about Information Technology and enjoys hunting and fishing.