Yesterday your poor crew came at a very reasonable hour and I was just waking up. Poor guys, they had to put up with some confusion. Anyhow, they were very efficient and completed the job by a little after 2:30 including a trip to Menomonie for lunch and supplies. Cudos to them! And they were SO polite and helpful, both of them.

I think the second personís name was Joe. He also, I think, pried the shed door loose. Iíd planned on mentioning it to you but kept forgetting. It would open, but only with the strength of Ken Brown. I as a weak little woman - couldnít move it more than half way. I tried it today and it seems good, even though thereís some (embarrassing) manure keeping it from going all the way.

In essence, I am very happy about having these jobs done so efficiently and with such professional men, so thank you very much.

Heritage Builders forever!


Ron - our kitchen is the warmest room in the house now.

When we shut off the heat in general, this room stays the warmest the longest.

That is why we are having you back to remodel our bathroom. Thank you. Warren and Marion, Menomonie

Harriets curtains moved as the chilling winter winds buffetted her two story farm home. Previous window replacement company did not air seal around the new windows.

Ron, for the first time I don't feel cold sitting in my house. Your air sealing around the windows has really made a great difference.

Harriet, Elmwood
Heritage crew,

There is only one word for all of you - fantastic. You worked on my home as if it were your own. I hired you to do some energy sealing and replace my bathtub, but little did you know that I would keep changing my mind. My bathroom went from "just" a bathtub to a full complete remodel which turned out beautiful.

The energy sealing proved to be challenging for you as some of the previous work needed restructure. You took the time to fix all the old and make it new and achieved over a 30% energy savings. You always had time to explain what you were doing and how it would affect the outcome. I liked how everything was cleaned up after each days work.

Thank you for a wonderful job
Hi Ron,

Well, it's nice and cozy here! The upstairs, which used to be a windy freeze-box is now nice and snug! So is the kitchen. I have been able to keep the house at 66 degrees with no discomfort whatsoever. Thank you VERY much! Have a nice Christmas and hopefully we will see each other next Spring!


(After foam sealing her recently replaced windows and doors, on a breezy hill in Elmwood)
We chose you as our contractor not necessarily because you were "cheapest" but because in asking around, I found that no one ever had anything negative to say about you (vs. others). And we were not disappointed either.

You listened carefully to what we wanted done. If there was a problem with what we wanted, your crew could suggest an alternative that achieved the same effect. The crew was fantastic-very personable, knowledgeable, and cooperative. It could not have been an easy job handling all the quirks of this old house, but we are so pleased with the results.

We will heartily recommend you to anyone who asks. Our only regret is that we didn't do this 25 years ago.

Thanks. Louise and Jerry Wolf
"We love how the windows look and can already tell that these are much more energy efficient than our old ones. Plus, our old windows were very hard to open but these are so easy to open and clean." - Dan & Deb Christian, Wilson, WI.  (Home moving, Residing, Reroofing, and Replacement Windows.) 

"The attention to detail and to the needs of the owner can't be matched by your competitors.  You guys are Fantastic! -Peg and Mike McAloon, Colfax. (Foundation Repairs, Air Sealing)

"I liked how clean everything looked when you were done. Everything was picked up." Mary O'Meara (Windows, Air Sealing, Roofing)

"Several windows were installed last December so we didn't really appreciate the windows until springtime when we could open them. They are so easy to open!" - Arther & Barb Brandt, Menomonie, WI(Multiple Window Replacement Projects)

"You promptly returned my calls whenever I had a question."  Jane Sneesby, Menomonie. (Reroofing, Residing, Replacement Windows)

"Both of you were perfect gentlemen.  You were honest, friendly and har-working fellows.  We'll let you know when our friends need your help!. Gerald and Jane Bahr, Menomonie (Reroofing, Patio Doors and Siding, General Repairs)

"The crew was pleasant to work with, and was not satisfied with "ok" work.  They were willing to take time for questions and explanations. Ron and Jan Peterson, Colfax. (Bath Remodel, Windows, Kitchen Remodel, Addition)

"We consider you a good friend and will always recommend your service.  We appreciated your fast service and Bill needs to be complimented-obviously a very hard working and dedicated member of the company.  Thank you for helping us work through this situation. Your ‘good business' was also reflected …  John and Nancy Ellingson, El Paso ( Additions)

"The wind is terrific here on our hill, but the windows are so tight we can hardly hear wind or storms at all. The house is warmer, the windows look good and they're easy to clean." - Thomas & Lillian Chukel, Spring Valley, WI( Replacement Windows)

"I especially liked your thorough search for the source of the cold air that was freezing my water pipes." Courtney Nystuen, Menomonie (Air Sealing)

"We appreciated that you were prompt, and listened attentively.  This is very important." Bob and Joanne Wurtz, Menomonie (Reroofing, Windows, Bath, Air Sealing)

"The cost was kept as low as possible. It was done as quickly as possible. You coordinated it well. The carpenters gave me the information I needed about what I needed to do. Thanks." Martha Wallen, Menomonie.  (Reroofing, New Bath, New Windows, General Repairs)

Company Performance Reports

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